Collection Of Great Color Combination For Your Interiors

Interiors are where one spends the maximum amount of time, They are way more important than the exteriors. After all, one doesn’t stand for hours admiring the house from outside, right?

To put it simply – exteriors are what one does for others while the interiors are for oneself! Interiors represent the “true you”.

And color combinations of the interiors play a inextricable role in creating the correct ambience. The colors should reflect your taste, your character and what you believe in. For instance, if you are a gentle and calm person, bold reds and dark colors are just not “you”; pastel interiors are more suited to your personality.

When i Think of You


Interior Color chart with 5 colors: Dark Purple, Grullo, Pale Silver, Dust Storm and Bisque.
Hex: 351F32,A99796,CCB7C4,E2CAC4,FCE6BE

Good go

Color chart with 5 colors: Steel Blue, Cadet Grey, Desert Sand, Pale Gold and Tulip.
Hex: 4281a4,9cafb7,ead2ac,e6b89c,fe938c

Its different

Color combo with 5 colors: Pale Green, Eton Blue, Blue Yonder, Cyber Grape and Japanese Violet.
Hex: a2faa3,92c9b1,4f759b,5d5179,571f4e

Bright bedroom

Color set with 4 colors: Pale Robin Egg Blue, Illuminating Emerald, Bazaar and Light Gray.
Hex: 8fd8cf,4a9581,977a72,d6d3cc

Living room color scheme

Color combo with 6 colors: Cambridge Blue, Desaturated Cyan, Old Lavender, English Lavender, Cameo Pink and Pale Pink.
Hex: 98c2c0,66929b,785b77,ba7894,ecbfd3,eed7e1

Colors for bathroom

Color scheme with 5 colors: Roman Silver, Cadet Blue, Light Blue, Columbia Blue and Platinum.
Hex: 83919a,68a0af,a7d8dd,c3d6dd,eaebe6

Gray to Red

Color set with 5 colors: Ash Grey, Taupe Gray, Dark Puce, Alabama Crimson and Light Carmine Pink.
Hex: b8b2b6,84838b,46353f,a80925,e65c6c

Modern interior decorating color schemes

Color scheme with 5 colors: Pale Cerulean, Ball Blue, Pearl Aqua, Yale Blue and Tan.
Hex: 9dc6da,1cb4cb,7dcab6,10508d,d3b09a

Hope you like these colors schemes, Here are listed more color combinations for interiors, And here are some Exterior color combinations.

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