Great Color Combination For Interiors

Interiors are where one spends the maximum amount of time. How homes look on the inside is way more important than how the house appears on the outside. After all, one doesn’t stand for hours admiring the exterior of the house, right? Exteriors are for the world, while interiors are for you – they define who you are and what you feel. The interior colors of your beloved home should ideally represent the “true you”.

And interior color combinations play an inextricable role in creating the correct ambience. The colors should reflect your taste, character and what you believe in. For instance, if you are a gentle and calm person, bold reds and dark colors are just not “you”; pastel interiors are more suited to your personality.

Brown & Beige Interiors

Brown sofa placed on a beige wall with frames

Dark Interior Wall

Almost black colored dark interior wall with wooden floor

Green Relaxing Interiors

Green interiors with sunlight streaming from window

Happy Pastel Interiors

Pastel - blue and pink - colors for interiors

A trend which never grows old is to put neutral colors on the main walls or large areas and use contrasting and attractive hues for upholstery, decorative items or highlights. Don’t overdo the colored items. Keep them at a minimum, but be sure to place right in the foreground. This makes the space look simple and clean.

Use colors to capture visual attention. Your aim is to direct the viewer’s gaze from one object to another though subtly. This way you determine how the space is perceived.

Interior Colors with Lavender Sofa

Interior Colors with Lavender Sofa

My Living Space

Fancy and decorative interior space with gold accents

Open Living Room

Interiors of a room with floor to ceiling sliding door

That Yellow Chair

Bright winged yellow colored chair

Hope you enjoy these beautiful color schemes and keep the interiors of your home clean and pleasing to the eyes.

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