Websites With Awesome Color Combinations

Here are some website color combinations we liked. What we admired in particular is the choice of colors for the type of industry the online resource caters to.

Quay Restaurant

Quay is one of Australia’s most awarded restaurants and offers outstanding modern cuisine by chef Peter Gilmore.


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QED Group

QED provides services in the field of human resource development, education, management and strategic decision-making. The aesthetically pleasing light colors aded to the illustrations give a sense of calmness to the side.


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Dream Team Katarzyna Konkowska

Katrzyna Konkowska is a stage and exhibition designer. Her designs are influenced by abstraction and futurism, inspired by imaginary objects, nature and light. And this is reflected in the minimal use of color.


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L’Avenir, Dental Clinic

La Clinique Dentaire de l’Avenir is a growing dental clinic located near Montreal, Canada. A dental visit isn’t what one looks forward too and the site assuages any apprehensions with the use of white and pleasing images.


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Weber – BBQ Cultures

In a combination of cinematic and interactive elements this Weber campaign takes the user on an inspirational journey through five distinct BBQ cultures with earthy colors and the wilderness.


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Helbak Ceramics

Combined brandsite and web shop for the Danish ceramist Malene Helbak. The products are placed against soothing background colors which help them stand out. The use of blue – a traditional color for porcelain – has been constrained to the items.


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Crea Carte

Crea Carte is a creative coding experiment that converts gestures into 3D shapes. The experience is part of a co-creative contest organised by Societe Generale. We specially liked the bright background color which accentuates the 3D shapes.


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Suspended Animations 2015

Suspended Animations is a digital creative studio. We like the use of attractive photographs placed on their blurred counterparts.


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Reebok: Be More Human Experience

An online destination where fitness enthusiasts can challenge and define what it is to be human. This one-of-a-kind platform features a number of interactive tools and experiences.

The design of the site and the use of strong colors suggests “action” and “movement” which is what Reebok stands for!


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Anton & Irene

Former Manhattan agency directors turned Brooklyn hands-on designers,
the Anton & Irene web site has modern bright colors which complement each other really well.


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  • Riker January 16th, 2016

    Every site has its own special design to showcase and these are what we can say impressive artworks by professional designers!

  • Maurice Elliott January 17th, 2016

    I am working on a larger overview on Inspiration for Success. Will check above sites and include them if applicable. Thanks for sharing

  • Jess January 17th, 2016

    Some great inspiration here for web designers. Thanks for compiling these, they will effect my next few website designs

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