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Sometime in early 1990s (or it could be late ’89), Col Needham created a Usenet posting of famous actresses with beautiful eyes. He called it “Those Eyes”. It was received by other film fans with gusto and quickly became popular.

People started suggesting additions and modifications to the list. Soon three more lists – of actors, directors and deceased thespians – made their appearance on Usenet.

Bear in mind, all this was before the advent of the World Wide Web (WWW). “Online” was still just the internet!

In about a year, the four lists had data on more than 10,000 movies and TV series with the actresses, actors and directors tallied up. As you can understand, all this was possible only by the active participation of several people working together as a team, taking advantage of the new-age online platform.

Since the lists now had so much data, they had become unwieldy. Realising the problem, on 17th October 1990, Needham developed a set of unix shell scripts to search and retrieve information. The rec.arts.movies movie database, as it was then known, became the starting point of one of the top web sites of the world – the Internet Movie database (IMDb).

For those who don’t know what IMDb is?

IMDB Official Logo

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb.com), as its name suggests, is a database of the films, TV series, actors, actresses, directors, producers and much more. It first appeared on the WWW on 5th August 1993 and is now one of the most popular web sites in the world used by both professionals and film fans.

The take home message: Concerted collaboration and unselfish sharing of information resulted in a resource that is now enjoyed by netizens globally.

So why are we talking about IMDb instead of ourselves?

A little about SchemeColor

Our origin story, quite like that of IMDb. One of us started to collect color schemes to be used for projects in the future. These soon found their way onto a rudimentary web page – a single static page which was updated whenever the creator felt like.

Word spread quickly around our circle – a coterie of designers and artists. And we all started contributing.

At that time, all the color schemes (data) were scrambled up. We would spend a lot of time scanning schemes to find one that suited a particular requirement. Though this process was “inspirational” and probably helped us all to come up with new ideas, as a team we decided to categorise the data and add search scripts.

At that time, everything was still very much internal – known and used only by our team.

One fine day, we decided to put the beautiful handmade color schemes on the web and SchemeColor was born. The site quickly gained popularity and requests, suggestions and ideas (both internal and external) started to pour in.

The site grew (and is still growing) by leaps and bounds. However, what satisfies us the most is the contribution we made to the world (even if it is just a wee bit when you consider the entire space-time continuum).

Welcome to the world of infinite color ideas!

The aim of SchemeColor is to help, inspire, and most importantly, create an environment for meaningful collaboration and information dispersal. The site is for both the accomplished designer/artist and for someone who is looking for ideas and wants to know more about colors.

We request you to collaborate as much as possible. Share inspiring and creative ideas, color schemes and information.
Most of all, have fun!
“Life is difficult” is the first line of M. Scott Peck’s bestseller, The Road Less Traveled.
For most of us, it probably is, but it can also be colorful.

Colorful - Color Palette
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