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Weddings are one of the greatest occasions in a person’s life. The only thing that tops that, and this is just our opinion, is the birth of a child. Anywho, weddings are about love, care and togetherness.

The choice of colors to use in weddings should be reflection of the two people involved in the conjugation. But don’t be restricted to the “love” colors – pink or red. If you like purple or blue, go ahead with that. It’s always about tying up your primary color with others that creates a great color combination.

Pink and white color wedding theme

Wedding photos with pink theme

PC (Clockwise from top left):, Victoria Castle, Promise Tangeman, Paula Potgieter

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Red and white color wedding theme

PC (Clockwise from top left): Rachelle Casipit, John Hope, Afla, This Pilgrim's Progress

PC (Clockwise from top left): Rachelle Casipit, John Hope, Afla, This Pilgrim’s Progress

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Green theme colors wedding

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Wedding Table Decorations

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