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Yemen Flag Colors Hex, RGB & CMYK Codes

Flag of Yemen

This country has 3 colors in their national flag which are Philippine Red (#CE1126), White (#FFFFFF) and Black (#000000).

This color combination was created by user Keshav Naidu. The Hex, RGB and CMYK codes are in the table below.

Color Information Shades
Philippine Red
  • Name: Philippine Red
  • Hex: #ce1126
  • RGB: (206, 17, 38)
  • CMYK: 0, 0.917, 0.815, 0.192
  • Name: White
  • Hex: #ffffff
  • RGB: (255, 255, 255)
  • CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
  • Name: Black
  • Hex: #000000
  • RGB: (0, 0, 0)
  • CMYK: NAN, NAN, NAN, 1

The national flag of Yemen is based on the Arab Liberation Flag (1952) and consists of three equal-sized horizontal stripes of (from top) red, white and black. The red color symbolises the bloodshed in the past (during the liberation as well as unification), white stands for a bright future and black is for the “dark past”. The present day Yemen flag is exactly the same as the flag used by Libya between 1969-72.

The closest Pantone® value of the red color is 186 C and the CYMK codes are 0, 100, 80, 5.

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