Official Colors Of The Rubik’s Cube

Most toys are brightly coloured to appeal to young children. Lego building blocks are a prime example. However, colors are an integral element of the Rubik’s Cube. Yes, the colors could have been substituted with, say, numbers or shapes, but these wouldn’t have had much of impact and certainly wouldn’t have helped in making the toy puzzle a global sensation – Rubik’s Cube holds the distinction of the world’s best-selling toy! I believe, if the colors were substituted for anything else the Rubik’s Cube would have probably been confined to the back alleys of Nerdville and soon lost in time.

rubixs cube

6-colored toy puzzle

The colors in a jumbled up Rubik’s Cube prompt people to pick up the toy because they immediately understand what to do – the six colors have to be segregated. Thus, in a way, the colors on their own provide the instructions on what has to be done to solve the puzzle. There is no need of further explanation.

The choice of colors was exceedingly important. They had to be distinct from each other so that there is no confusion and they had to be bright.

FYI, the Rubik’s Cube was invented by Ernő Rubik, a Hungarian professor of architect. The purpose of creating the puzzle was to teach the concept of space in sculpture and architectural design. The first cube was made out of blocks of wood and elastic bands ti hold everything together.

Cube colored toy puzzle

Rubik’s Cube Pantone® color codes

As per the trademark information found at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the original colors of the Rubik’s Cube toy puzzle were red, green, blue, orange, yellow and white. The Pantone ® codes of the colors (except the white) are 200 C, 347 C, 293 C, 021 C and 012 C, respectively.

Color Pantone® Code Hex Code
#BA0C2F info 200 C #BA0C2F
#009A44 info 347 C #009A44
#003DA5 info 293 C #003DA5
#FE5000 info 021 C #FE5000
#FFD700 info 012 C #FFD700

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