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The foundation of a good design is a great color combination. Not all colors work well with each other and choosing one that correctly bolsters your message is an important aspect to design. Additionally, the color combination should reflect the products and services on offer and can help immensely in making or breaking a sale.

We found some simple and easy-to-use online tools to help you create color combinations. Have fun playing around with them and if you do come up with a perfect combination, do let us know – we’ll post it on our site.

Adobe Colour CC


Adobe Color, officially known as Adobe Kuler, is an online tool from Adobe Systems through which you can create color combinations online. It is also available in a desktop version by which you can export a color scheme straight into Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

Canva’s Color wheel

Canva's Color Wheel Preview

Simple and easy way to create color combination with Canva‘s color wheel. It provides Color combinations of Complementary, Monochromatic, Analogous, Triadic and Tetradic etc.

Check my Colours


Developed by Giovanni Scala, CheckMyColours is an online tool for creating foreground and background colors scheme for all DOM elements. We specially like the feature by which one can determine the contrast provided by the color combination.



Tineye Multicolr extracts colors from almost 20 million creative commons images on flickr. It’s not a true color combination creator, but will help you get images based on the color scheme you choose. For example, if you select pink and aqua, the results will show images which have only these colors, Click here to see.

Color – Hailpixel


Colordot by HailPixel is an awesome interactive online tool. The way you create color combinations is actually addictive! Here is what happens – moving the cursor around changes the color and you simply need to click to save it to your combination. Anyway, it’s kind of useless explaining this – you HAVE to work on it to be amazed. Also, not only are the hexadecimal color codes are displayed but one can fine tune a color too.



Designspiration is a simple tool that shows images based on your chosen color combination.

Hex Color Scheme Generator


This really helpful online tool by which you can create a color combination based on your chosen color. So, if you love a shade of blue, put its hexadecimal code and get other colors that will go well with it.

Color Explorer


Like its name suggests, Color Explorer lets you explore the wonderful world of colors. Create stunning color combination using this simple though powerful tool.



Paletton is by far the most interesting way to make a color combination online. Highly interactive and playful.



COPASO color tool is simple with tens of features including the ability to pick color combinations from your own images.

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  • Zoltan February 3rd, 2016

    I use color by HailPixel almost everyday and love the simplicity of it. Glad to see it on this list

  • Marcel February 3rd, 2016

    Great selection here! Thanks for sharing.

  • colorboss February 9th, 2016

    Thank you Zoltan & Marcel 🙂

  • Tanya May 3rd, 2016

    nice post, thank you.

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