Celebrating International Colour Day

Today is the day we celebrate the beauty of all things colourful – from the darkness of black to the freshness of white. Colour determines several aspects of our lives and is one of the important “senses” responsible for helping us make decisions.

The International Colour Day was proposed in 2008 by Maria Joao Durao, the then president of the Portuguese Color Association. Several dates were considered and after much deliberation, 21 March was agreed upon. The astute amongst you would have noticed that the day is the spring equinox – when the day and the night are almost of equal durations.

Logo of the International Colour Day

The logo for the International Color Day was designed by Hosanna Yau. It consists of two concentric circles, one inside the other. One-half of each of these circles is black while the other is coloured. They represent the two half of the equinox – light and darkness (night and day).

God Bless and keep enjoying the beauty of this colourful world that we live in.

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  • Nithin June 5th, 2019

    I dint know that COLOUR DAY is exist :p Thanks for the information!

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