30 Best Valentine’s Day Color Schemes

Is red the only color for Valentine’s Day? We don’t think so! Yes, red may be representative of the “Day of Love”, but what about pink or gold? We think that a day which is dedicated to the affairs of the heart cannot be limited to one color.

Our hand-picked color schemes for Valentine’s Day reflect the passion and fickleness of the heart especially when it comes to the sensation of love. In addition to red, we’ve selected colors like pink, lavender, purple, violet, burgundy and more. And these palettes take you through that feeling of butterflies-in-the-stomach to deep respect and responsibility – emotions that define true love.

The feeling of Love cannot be described… after all, one has to experience it. However, one of the most beautiful and loaded definitions of love comes from Erich Fromm, a social psychologist and philosopher. According to him, true love has to involve respect, knowledge, care and responsibility.

These unique color schemes can quickly be used for any kind of digital and printing projects for Valentine’s Day. And remember, the day just isn’t about romance, it’s also a day for showing love to family, friends and, most importantly, to yourself.

Red Color Of Valentine

Red Color Of Valentine Color Palette

True Lovers

True lovers color palette with violet, purple and pink colors

Valentine Unicorn

Valentine unicorn color palette with red, orange, yellow, purple and violet colors

I See Love

I see love color palette with burgundy, pink, yellow and red colors

Valentine Chocolates

Valentine Chocolates color palette with red, maroon and brown colors

Hugs For Valentine

Hugs for valentine color palette with pink, beige, cream and yellow colors

Your Tender Love

Your tender love color palette with purple, pastel purple, pastel pink colors

Romantic Pink

Romantic pink shades color palette

Love, Fly Me Away

Love, fly me away color palette

Pink Hearts

Pink hearts color palette

Original Love

Original Love color palette

Valentine Vibes

Valentine vibes color palette with red,  cream and orange etc

Cute Valentine

Cute valentine color palette with light blue, white and pink etc

Open Your Heart

Open your heart color palette with burgundy, red, orange, yellow and purple color

Pale Valentine

Pale valentine color palette with pastel blue, pastel pink color

Valentine Gold

Valentine gold color palette

Vintage Valentine

Vintage valentine color palette

Royal Valentine

Royal valentine color palette

Love Night

Love night color palette with dark blue, pastel pink and pink colors

Color Of Love

Color of love color palette

Valentine Angel

Valentine angel color palette

Awesome Valentine

Awesome valentine color palette with violet, purple pink colors

Color Of A Kiss

Color palette of a kiss

Sweet Valentine

Sweet valentine color palette with pink, and purple colors

Lovers Special

Lovers Special color palette with aqua, light blue and pink colors

Rose Gold And Pink

Rose gold and pink color palette

Perfect Valentine

Perfect valentine color palette with red, cream, pink colors

Special Valentine

Special valentine color palette

Lovers Spot

Lovers spot color palette with pink and burgundy colors

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine color palette with red shades

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  • Divya Designer January 27th, 2020

    Lovely valentines spacial palettes from these page, i will definitely use some of these for my greeting designs.

  • Ben January 27th, 2020

    Cool colors scheme collections.
    Thanks for those pale shades 😊

  • Tintin Master February 1st, 2020

    Rose gold & pink was awesome…..thank you so much for the collection…

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