20 Best Gray Colors For UI & Web Design

Designers around the world will love to use gray color shades in their layouts or UI designs to look more professional and modern.
Get these best handpicked colors with HEX & RGB color codes for maintaining the design trend, Keep rocking!

Gray (HTML/CSS Gray)

Gray (HTML/CSS Gray) - HEX: 7E7E7E

Bright Gray

Bright Gray - Hex:   #EEEEEE

Dim Gray

Dim Gray - HEX: #6D6D64

Chinese Silver

Chinese Silver - Hex:   #CCCCCC

Gray (X11)

Gray (X11) Color - Hex:   #BBBBBB

Dark Charcoal

Dark Charcoal Color - Hex:   #333333

Philippine Gray

Philippine Gray color - Hex:   #8C8C8C

Light Gray

Light Gray color - Hex:   #D3D3D3


Argent color - Hex:   #C0C0C0

Davy’s Grey

Davy's Grey color - Hex:   #555555

Anti-Flash White

Anti-Flash White color - Hex:   #F2F2F2

Granite Gray

Granite Gray color - Hex:   #616161

Spanish Gray

Spanish Gray color - Hex:   #999999

Taupe Gray

Taupe Gray color - Hex:   #888888


Platinum Color - Hex:   #E5E5E5

Silver Sand

Silver Sand color - Hex:   #C5C5C5


Gainsboro color - Hex:   #DDDDDD

Slate Gray

Slate Gray color - Hex:   #708090


Cultured color - Hex:   #F5F5F5

Middle Grey

Middle Grey color - Hex:   #8B8B81

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