15 Beautiful Skin Tone Color Palettes

Skin color ranges in variety from dark brown to the light hues. Probably this is a best collection of Skin tone colors with the hex codes for your next cartoon characters design or any digital design.

Beautiful Peach Skin Tones Color Scheme

Beautiful Peach Skin Tones Color Scheme Palette

Skin Improvement Tones

Skin Improvement Tones Color Scheme

Beauty Skin

Beauty Skin Color Scheme

Tan On Skin

Tan On Skin Color Scheme

Pimple Skin

Pimple Skin

Caucasian Skin Tone

Caucasian Skin Tone color scheme palette

Rosey Skin

Rosey Skin Color Scheme

Real Skin Tones

Real Skin tones color scheme palette

Pale Skin

Pale Skin Color Scheme Palette

Brown Skin Baby

Brown Skin Baby color scheme palette

Skinny Girls

Skinny Girls color combination

Soft Skin

Soft Skin color scheme

Skiny Makeup

Skiny Makeup color scheme

Normal And Tan Skin

Normal And Tan Skin Color Scheme

Animation Character Skin Tones

Animation Character Skin Tones Color Palette

For more skin tone colour schemes check out here.

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  • Robert September 17th, 2018


    Can these be used as skin tone palettes for skin retouching?

  • Emily Wane June 3rd, 2019

    Wow….. Awesome, i love these skin touching shades.
    thank you

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